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Sacred Gardening & Ceremonial Floral Design

There is a reason that flowers are a part of every ritual and every celebration across the globe; birthdays, weddings, funerals, joy, sadness, transition. Flowers offer a  medicine that is indescribable and yet it is known deep within our core.

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For nearly 20 years, I have spent my time cultivating, establishing and nurturing farms and gardens.  This journey has matured my understanding of the power and purpose of flowers and their role as nature’s sacred art within ceremony. While focused on community gardening for over a decade, I have witnessed children, families, survivors of trauma, addiction, poverty and mental health challenges find themselves supported and empowered through the loving practice of tending a garden.  Through this work, I was able to hone my instinctual understanding of the healing power of nature, specifically the subtle healing energy of flowers. This was coupled with the development of my astrological awareness through observing the effects of planetary transits on the people I was serving.  I continue to uncover and integrate the knowledge of the innate cycles of plants, planets and humans through direct experience, observation and reflection.

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By practicing intently the art of sacred gardening, we can attune ourSelves to the cycles of nature and gather intelligence through attentiveness to the garden.  Tending a healthy sacred garden is a metaphor for the attention required to manifest a life that can serve as a beautiful mirror for our soul experience.

It’s an honor to bring nature’s beauty to ceremonies and special events through my floral design offerings.

Sacred Garden Consultation: 2hrs- $230 (includes pre-visit phone call, site visit, follow up notes and prescriptions)

  • To be explored:

    • We will delve into your gardening hopes and dreams and answer any technical, logistical questions you may have around cultivation, plant and site selection, management. We will also look  into your personal intentions and reasonable expectations of your commitment to the garden.  

    • What do you want to grow and how do YOU want to grow? The possibilities are endless: nourishing vegetables, cultivating beauty through flowers, and building relationships with herbs and natural medicines.

      • Are there plants you want to get to know? Let’s develop a planting calendar.

Zoom Garden Planning consult: $50/hour

  • I can help you plan and strategize for a lovely and manageable vegetable, herb, cut flower or perennial garden. 

  • After our consultation, I am available for design and installation support if desired. Cost will be based on the scope of the project and can be determined together.


Gift Certificates Available

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