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Life is such  a precious gift.  Throughout our lives, there are many transitions and transformational moments that serve as rites of passage for our soul’s evolution. These may be traditional, cultural  or personal events

While ancient and indigenous cultures had many ritual practices, there is little in the way of Western cultural tradition that honors the spiritual and ceremonial nature of life. As a result, many of us experience life's initiatory moments without even acknowledging the sanctity of our rites of passage...going through the motions.




Ceremony not only marks the monumental shifts of life, but can be used to acknowledge seasonal astrological callings and monthly lunar cycles.  With practice and intention, we can walk in ceremony every moment of every day, observing the synchronistic validation of our purpose and path.


Ritual actions have the power to manifest and transform our way of life, but it doesn't need to be complicated.   Ceremonial spiritual practice can be as simple as lighting a candle daily and asking for ancestral guidance or immersing in a body of water with reverence and the willingness to receive the purifying gifts of the water element. We invite ritual into our lives when we invoke our prayers through practice. 


In our journey to  wholeness, we can embody the divinity of life with ritual. Each phase or transition of our lives can be celebrated and honored with the gift of conscious attention. When we are clear about our prayers and intentions for a new stage of life, we signal to the Sacred that we are ready and open to the next level of our journey. Birth, adulthood, marriage, ending of a relationship, sobriety, retirement, and even death itself are sanctified when we remember and recognize the significance of these precious moments. We owe it to this life to celebrate it with reverence and intention!

Ritual can be a very personal, spiritual experience.  If you think you might benefit from some support in crafting your ceremony or building ritual in your life, send me a message.
I would love to help!
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