Life is a precious gift.  Throughout our lives, there are many transitions and transformational moments that serve as rites of passage for our soul’s evolution. These may be traditional, cultural  or personal events

Consumer culture no longer honors the spiritual and ceremonial nature of life. This causes most of us to experience initiatory moments without the acknowledgement and awareness that would signify the sanctity of the moment. In our journey to become aware of our wholeness, we need to embody the divinity of life with ceremony. Each phase or transition of our lives can be celebrated and honored with the gift of intention and attention as an acknowledgement of the potential and progress of our experience. When we enter into an agreement with the Higher Power of our choosing and are clear about our prayers and intentions for a new stage of life, we signal to the Sacred that we are ready and open to the next level of our journey. Birth, adulthood, marriage, ending of a relationship, sobriety, retirement, and even death itself are sanctified when we remember and recognize the significance of these precious moments. 

Ceremony not only marks the monumental shifts of life, but can be used to acknowledge seasonal astrological callings and monthly lunar cycles.  With practice and intention, we can walk in ceremony every moment of every day, observing the synchronistic validation of our purpose and path.


Ceremony is a compilation of ritual actions that manifest intended energies, but this does not have to be complicated. Whatever action that emerges from your intention is exactly what it needs to be. Ceremony can be as simple as lighting a candle daily and asking for ancestral guidance or immersing in a body of water with reverence and the willingness to receive the purifying gifts of the water element. We invite ritual into our lives when we invoke our prayers through practice.

Together, we can create, encourage and facilitate our collectively inspired ceremony, cultivating a deep sense of wonder and gratitude for the ever-unfolding intelligence, beauty, lessons and healing power of plants and planets and other elements that ask to be part of your ceremony. Together, we can build a bridge to intentionally honor the sanctity of your monumental moments.

Ceremonial Services and Elements

We will develop a structure for your ceremonial practices utilizing your personal goals, prayers and intentions. Additionally, we will tune in to themes and evolutionary objectives within your astrological birth chart along with current planetary activity to determine the practices and rituals that will align with your soul’s sacred purpose.

Living Your Personal Ceremony, 2hrs (includes a brief introductory phone conversation before we meet)


  • A personal ritual consultation and prescription

    • You will receive personally attuned self-directed practices and rituals for living your ceremony involving astrology, personal goals, oracle divination, life dreams and intuitive knowing

Creating Your Shared Ceremony, (2) 1hr sessions (includes a brief introductory phone conversation before first meeting)


  • Dream and collaborate with me to design a structure for your rite of passage or other ceremonial experience with reverence and spiritual intention, including ritual support with regards to sacred practices, elemental objects and their invocation. 

  • This consultation is intended for more extravagant ceremonies ie weddings

  • Optional services and elements can be added for an additional charge to be discussed during your sessions.

Ceremonial Floral Design Consult, 1hr


  • Flowers have special powers. Let me tell you about it. 

  • See Floral Design Services for bouquet creation, Ceremonial Floral Consult fee will be integrated into bouquet budget

Personally Attuned Ritual Kit

$50-$100 plus shipping, if required

  • A kit of sacred ceremonial products attuned to your journey through our shared exploration of your dreams, goals, current experience and astrological influences; items may include- candles, oils, incense, sprays, spiritual baths, teas, general horoscope of the moments

Gift Certificates Available

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