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Kind Regards

"Jessica Ballard shines as an exceptional astrologist. A gifted intuitive, Jessica radiates compassion, warmth, a sparkling sense of humor and a genuine magic that inspires, soothes, and empowers others on their soul paths. 


I received an astrological chart reading from Jessica almost four years before moving to Texas (a spirit-led move she helped me to decipher and answer!), and the potent power of this sole reading continues to provide remarkable insight and clarity. Our session granted me the essential tools to understand the basic and deeper workings of my birth chart. She expertly and easily articulated how the planetary and karmic influences in my birth chart play out in my day-to-day life and weave to shape my destiny. She circled the session with an intentionality and professionalism that further shows her true dedication to honoring this sacred work. 


I wholeheartedly and exuberantly recommend working with Jessica. Her presence is a present and the information she wisely gleans from the stars is life-changing and transformative."


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Astrological readings are better than therapy 💙 I highly recommend having a reading done with Jessica - then get follow up readings!

- Carrie


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Jessica is magical! She did the flowers for my wedding and they could not be more beautiful or fitting. We like it sweet and simple and she tailored it perfectly. That was over 5 years ago and people still talk about it.

- Bri

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My reading with Jessica was incredible. It shed a lot of light, was incredibly validating and helpful to me. This is an amazing gift for yourself and/or someone else.

- Cindy

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