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Markets and Fairs

Antiques Uniques and Metaphysics Spring Outdoor Market
Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th!
10 am - 5 pm each day!
Readings AND Vendors!

Tarot, Oracle, Stone, Energy, Evolutionary Astrology, Tea Leaf, I Ching, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counseling, etc.

Stones and Crystals, Metaphysical Items, Crystal Grids, Jewelry, Wood-Burning, Arts and Crafts, etc.

I will be offering in-person astrological (and some oracle) readings May 13-14 at AUMetaphysics in Lawrenceburg.  Walk ins are welcome but folks are encouraged to schedule in advance  to secure  a time slot! Hope to see you there.

Antiques Uniques and Metaphysics

May 13-14

700 West Broadway, Lawrenceburg, KY

Reading Cost:

$40 for 30 minutes, $1 per minute for additional time. 

Astrology Classes

The Astrology of Loving

How do we define love?

What is our unique and sacred love language? Do we show our love through passion, actions, commitments, romantic sentiments?

Each planet offers a different way to express and support how we can give and receive love.  Our natal charts have a special cocktail/combo of personal opportunities to honor how and who we love and share connection in our own special way.  By digging deeper into our own astrology of loving we can tap into and develop our own special ways of connecting with who and what we love.

This is a group exploration class.  Participants are encouraged to bring their natal charts to share with the class if they are comfortable. If you do not have a copy of your natal chart and would like one, please email Jessica at with your birth details (date, exact, time and location) and she will prepare one for you).

***This class will be held twice in February at different locations.

Thursday Feb. 24th 6-8:30 at

White Willow Emporium

400 Old Vine St. Lexington, Ky


Class space is limited and you are invited to register in advance at

Thursday February 17 6:00-8:30

Antiques Uniques and Metaphysics

700 West Broadway, Lawrenceburg, KY



Class space is limited.  You are invited to register in advance with Pam Giles

(859) 324-0463.

Nature Cosmos and Ceremony

Lunar Ritual classes at

White Willow Emporium

400 Old Vine St, Lexington, KY

New Moon in Pisces Ritual Workshop

March 1

6-8:30 PM


We will gather together and look at the cosmic weather around the new moon from an astrological and energetic perspective, identifying what can be released, composted and integrated in the dark of the moon as we prepare for a new lunar cycle in the sign of Pisces. We will discuss the upcoming Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces and examine ways to create spiritual alignment, self love and radical forgiveness throughout this powerful Pisces season. Together we will come up with unique ways to work with the potent Piscean  energy, tuning in and finding spiritual connection  through shared ritual, discussion and creative play. Workshop includes a mini ritual kit with several handcrafted items and prompts for your own new moon ceremony.


Class space is limited and you are invited to register in advance at

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