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Meet Jessica

Jessica Ballard is a Cosmic Gardener. 

She delights in an endless curiosity and wonder for plants and planets and the journey of the soul. As a flower farmer, craftswoman, Sacred Feminine Mysteries priestess and astrological counselor she weaves a reverence for planetary symbolism, earthly cycles, elements, ritual, beauty, and divine creativity into her work.


Jessica has more than 20 years experience farming and gardening with a focus on community connections, therapeutic horticulture and trauma informed care. She is a level 2 certified Evolutionary astrologer through the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program and is currently working on her diploma with a multi-disciplinary course work at Astrology University. 

 Her astrological counseling practice centers on wholeness, soul integration, and personal attunement through natal chart and planetary weather exploration, intuition, oracle guidance,  and  ritual. 

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