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My Journey

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With the maturing of both my daughter and my own spiritual and evolutionary path, I began to dive deeper into a life-long fascination with astrology. Amazed by the synchronistic patterns in seasons and planetary cycles, I opened completely to gathering information from both earth and sky.


Seeking knowledge and mentors to guide my adventure I found the support and encouragement of many elder wisdom keepers in my local community and all over the country.  I am eternally grateful for all beings seen and unseen who continue to influence this cosmic journey and I am committed to sharing any wisdom I have gleaned from great teachers to help my community and the planet. My desire to learn and remember all that I can from the Cosmos, is continuously fueled through working with clients, teaching classes and engaging with astrologically conscious and spiritually motivated fellow students of the Universe,


With intention and  much practice I work to live a life of ritual, reverence, service and gratitude. It is through attentiveness to signs and seasons that I honor my place within it all. I pray that these intentions create and offer supportive and loving medicine for my friends, neighbors, community and planet.



I’m Jessica. Welcome. 


I am a sacred gardener, priestess,  intuitive, counseling astrologer and craftswoman inspired by the desire to be a container for Spirit medicine, Cosmic information and Earth wisdom.

As a young, idealistic single mom, I pursued a degree in sustainable agriculture directing my attention to therapeutic horticulture and community gardening. I then went on to spend more than a decade working in gardens with trauma survivors, young mothers, children, and community members from all ages and walks of life. Moved by my experience of shared gardening, I  realized the immeasurable value in assisting others in developing a relationship with nature, finding continuous symbolic healing opportunities in simply watching (and helping) gardens grow.

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