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Let’s face it…


We are all spiraling through the cosmos on a massive space-rock. Sometimes it's hard to comprehend our place in the Universe. Astrology can offer us a map of sorts… or at least some guideposts or trail blazes. Our ancestors have long looked to the sky as a lens for understanding the soul's journey through planetary cycles and seasons. By exploring our personal birth chart we can work in alignment with the wisdom of the planets to gain clarity, validation and support for life direction, emotional healing and soul integration. 


Your birth chart contains:

  • Inherent Resources

  • Potential life paths and stuck points

  • Evolving opportunities and redirections through transiting planetary influences and progression of natal planets.


Science and Spirituality can both attest to the interconnectedness in all of existence.  As we look at astrological transits along with past and future progressed planetary motion, it is helpful to understand our shared connection.  In this way we see Cosmic events not so much as pre-determined or fated, but as a means to which we can consciously work with these heavenly influences.  While I often feel called to consult oracle divination in addition to using astrological forecasting techniques, I am in no way attempting to predict the future, to diagnose or advise you on what to do with your life. My aim, in our time together, is to offer astrological  insight into practical, psychological, symbolic and spiritual opportunities, experiences and challenges through dialogue with you. 


It is in honoring that we are all interconnected co-creators of this life experience that I am here to support you “fully doing you” in your most empowered, righteous, and sacred way!

 Astrological Consultations

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Each session will utilize principles of several astrological disciplines in addition to Evolutionary Astrology. 


Astrological consultations are unique experiences that at times can seem complicated. My prayer is to transmit this ancient wisdom in a digestible way, as a dialogue, creating a useful and supportive space. Your unique intentions will guide this process and shape the consultation which can emerge in the form of exploration of the natal chart, relationship synastries, transits and progressions or oracle divination. 

  • New offering! Mini-Consultation, 30 minutes- $40

    • Due to gathering restrictions from Covid-19, I am currently unable to offer shorter, on the spot readings for ​folks attending mystical fairs and holistic health events.  Sometimes folks want to dip their toe in before committing to a full reading. This mini session aims to honor that wish.  


  • Intuitive Astrological Consultation, 75 minutes- $100

    • In this consultation, we will do an exploration of your natal chart using principles of Evolutionary Astrology and Divine guidance.  We will explore inner planetary influences as well as complex karmic patterns and soul integration work. We will identify resources and treasures available in the chart to support your development.

    • Schedule and purchase a Touch-In follow-up to your consultation and get both for $145


  • Full Length Intuitive Astrological Consultation, 120 minutes- $160

    • In this consultation, we will explore your natal chart, similar to the 75 minute reading. This reading will include an in-depth look at current planetary influences (transits, progressions, solar arcs) 

  • Current Astrological Weather, 90 minutes- $100 (must first previously have had an Intuitive Astrological Consultation) 

    • As a follow up to a natal chart interpretation, we will explore the changing planetary weather, what is currently happening in the heavens as well as the progression and solar movement of personal planets and the effects they are having on your current life experiences. 

  • Touch-Ins, 45 minutes- $60, see below for package options

    • One time check-in after an Intuitive Astrological Consultation or regularly scheduled check-ins to discuss integration of astrological concepts, personal exploration of planetary and life experience. Remote Consultations Only

  • At this time the majority of my sessions take place via Zoom.

***You will receive a copy of your chart and a recording of our reading with each session.

**Please be prepared with your birth date, exact time (on birth certificate) and location

If you feel you may benefit from regular, personal astrological updates and sacred counsel feel free to purchase some monthly packages

  • 3 monthly Touch-Ins for $155

  • 6 monthly Touch-Ins for $300

Gift Certificates Available