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  • Intuitive Astrological Consultation, 60 minutes- $125

  • In this reading we will:

    • Explore your natal chart using principles of Evolutionary Astrology and Divine guidance

    • Investigate inner planetary influences

    • Identify complex karmic patterns and opportunities for integration

    • Reveal resources and treasures  in your chart that support individual development

  • Full Length Intuitive Astrological Consultation, 90 minutes- $175

    • This extended reading will include all aspects of the Intuitive Astrological Consultation and​​​​...

      • an in-depth look at current planetary influences on your natal chart such as:

        • transits 

        • progressions 

        • solar arcs

Each session will utilize principles of several astrological disciplines in addition to psychological astrology and Evolutionary Astrology.

Readings booked through my site will meet via zoom. If you are local to Central Ky and are interested in an in-person reading you are able to schedule in person readings at Creatures of Whim in Lexington. 



***You will receive a copy of your chart and a recording of our reading with each session.

**Please be prepared with your birth date, exact time (on birth certificate) and location


An astrology reading is a unique experience.


Our ancestors have long looked to the sky as a lens for understanding and guidance. Today, we continue to search for meaning and a sense of belonging to something greater in this world.  

Astrology can fundamentally support this process.  

Our birth chart contains:

  • Inherent Resources 

  • Potential life paths and stuck points 

  • Evolving opportunities and redirections 


When we engage with planetary influences in an open, curious and intentional way, we can understand ourselves and our inherent connection to the cosmic web. By exploring our personal birth chart we can work in alignment with the planets and archetypal energetics at play to gain clarity, validation and support for life direction, emotional healing and whole-hearted presence. 

This can be a transformational experience!


I aim to translate this ancient wisdom in a digestible, imaginative and meaningful way. I spend a good deal of time studying your chart before the session and your unique intentions, questions and shared dialogue will guide the consultation to align with your current needs. --  If this is your first astrology reading, more time will likely be spent on birth chart interpretation than forecasting. If you have had previous readings you may look at upcoming planetary weather and creative ways to engage with it. I in no way claim to predict the future with astrology, that is not my job, but rather I am here to encourage conscious engagement with the living cosmos and offer timing and forecasting suggestions for how to work with planetary influences on your birth chart.

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