Since my youth, I have been fascinated by the celestial bodies, their movements and how their movements affect this human experience. Through my exploration of astrology, I continue to study the methods and teachings of many great astrologers. I am always fascinated at how this art expresses itself uniquely through each of my astrological elders. The greatest of these elders being the Sky itself. Ever attentive to the cycles of nature and the movement of the planetary bodies, I constantly witness and reflect on their powerful effects on the world around us. I find lived experience and sensitivity to planetary influences and the cycles of nature to be the deepest and most integrative form of learning.


In 2015, during my nodal return, I felt the call to deepen my knowledge of astrology. I felt my soul yearn to dive deeper into the craft. An apprenticeship opportunity with Steven Forrest manifested in 2017 allowing me to gather knowledge and practice the art of astrological readings under his careful guidance. Steven’s soul-focused reverence for the natal chart touched a chord within me signifying his importance in my experience. I am forever grateful for the wisdom, community and support that I received from Steven and others involved in his apprenticeship program. 


Ultimately, my highest guidance will always be the communication received from Source itself, through whispers of angels and ancestors, the sacred archetypal and elemental forces and Living Divinity. 


Astrology is a science, a practice, a teacher and an Oracle. Understanding the astrological natal chart can bring attention to challenging lessons, karmic patterns and make cognizant of inner resources available to assist us in our life’s journey.  Knowledge of our natal chart can illuminate the dynamics of your relationships, offer validation and bring you into alignment with your karmic destiny. It is truly an evolutionary map from the heavens. When I walk through a chart with a fellow soul, I can feel my spirit gathering information and insights emerging from not only my training experiences, my studies, and my guides, but the intuitive knowledge that resides within me and all of us. 


In much the same way that earthly weather, seasons and cycles affect our moods, experiences and personal choices, astrological weather absolutely has a similar effect on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experience.  Attunement to our relationship with the Earth AND Sky is invaluable for bringing us into alignment with our highest Self. It is my sincerest pleasure to assist fellow journeyers on their astrological exploration and guide them on their navigation towards a deeper understanding of Self.

Evolutionary Astrological Consultations

Each session will utilize principles of Evolutionary Astrology supported by ancestral and angelic guidance. Astrological consultations are unique experiences that at times can seem complicated. My prayer is to transmit ancient wisdom as a palatable gift creating support, allowing you to use the guidance in your daily life.  Using the medicine of the natal chart, our spiritual intention and a bit of intuitive inner guidance, we will uncover a framework for your soul’s evolution. Beginning by examining your natal gifts and resources, we will identify challenges and patterns that are slowing and no longer serving your evolutionary process. Your unique intentions will guide this process and shape the consultation which can emerge in the form of exploration of the natal chart, relationship synastries, transits and progressions or oracle divination. 

  • New offering! Mini-Consultation, 30 minutes- $40

    • Due to gathering restrictions from Covid-19, I am currently unable to offer shorter, on the spot readings for ​folks attending mystical fairs and holistic health events.  Sometimes folks want to dip their toe in before committing to a full reading. This mini session aims to honor that wish.  


  • Intuitive Astrological Consultation, 75 minutes- $100

    • In this consultation, we will do an exploration of your natal chart using principles of Evolutionary Astrology and Divine guidance.  We will explore inner planetary influences as well as complex karmic patterns and soul integration work. We will identify resources and treasures available in the chart to support your development.

    • Schedule and purchase a Touch-In follow-up to your consultation and get both for $145


  • Intuitive Astrological Consultation, 120 minutes- $160

    • In this consultation, we will explore your natal chart, similar to the 75 minute reading. This reading will include an in-depth look at current planetary influences (transits, progressions, solar arcs) 

  • Current Astrological Weather, 90 minutes- $100 (must first previously have had an Intuitive Astrological Consultation) 

    • As a follow up to a natal chart interpretation, we will explore the changing planetary weather, what is currently happening in the heavens as well as the progression and solar movement of personal planets and the effects they are having on your current life experiences. 

  • Touch-Ins, 45 minutes- $60, see below for package options

    • One time check-in after an Intuitive Astrological Consultation or regularly scheduled check-ins to discuss integration of astrological concepts, personal exploration of planetary and life experience. Remote Consultations Only

  • At this time the majority of my sessions take place via Zoom. I had to release my office space at the onset of Covid-19 and am in no rush to rent a new space. I am certainly open to outdoor, socially distant local meetups for readings.  If you would absolutely prefer in person readings, I am able to book a reading space through a local metaphysical store but, will need to charge an additional fee for space rental.

***You will receive a copy of your chart and a recording of our reading with each session.

**Please be prepared with your birth date, exact time (on birth certificate) and location



If you feel you may benefit from regular, personal astrological updates and sacred counsel feel free to purchase some monthly packages

  • 3 monthly Touch-Ins for $155

  • 6 monthly Touch-Ins for $300

Gift Certificates Available

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