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Astro-Ritual Kits


An invitation to collective ceremony, these hand-crafted and Divinely inspired ritual toolkits are now available

Inspired in early 2020 to make a long held vision a reality or at least an experiment I began offering an astro-ritual toolkit to encourage and support community ritual.


For years I have learned from the lunations (lunar phases) and been intuitively guided by the astrological influences to create simple rituals embodying moonl-y practices. Listening to the cosmic weather, seasonal shifts, elemental and botanical teachers, there are always opportunities to work with the presenting energies to gain insight, clarity, healing and connection.  I wanted to bring all of this together as an offering to my community. 


It began with the new moon of 2020, in Aquarius, I made a little post offering astro-ritual toolkits to my fb friends and neighbors. They were so well received!  Momentum built and soon a Pisces kit came through and was offered for the following lunation. I was delighted to share my gifts fostering community ritual and collective ceremony. 


Then the pandemic set in and lockdown became a reality. Saturn loomed large and in charge.  A realignment was required. I was called to look inward, rest and reflect. A break from the Aries New Moon to figure out where I was best of service. One moon cycle later the kits were revived. 


Winter Solstice 2020 and the Great Saturn Jupiter Conjunction was a special culmination of Cosmic Energy and human-ness and has encouraged a deeper commitment for this next cycle of offerings. Creating these kits has kept me rooted in spiritual practice and service during a time when everything seemed unstable.  



I am wholeheartedly committed and have created seasonal subscription options as a way to share my joy and ignite the elemental connection flowing through collective intention.

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