• You will receive one Oracle Candle of your choice for the season


Each Moon cycle you will receive:

  • Divine Mystery Item

  • New moon astro weather forecast and ritual prompts

  • Membership in a Shared Ritual private FB Group with Seasonal Subscription

The Connection Option- Seasonal Subscription (Spring)

  • This 2 Moon ( Taurus, Gemini) subscription is available for the remainder of the Spring Season.  This pro-rated option  is for those who are wanting group connection in our private fb group, some astro-insights and ritual prompts with minimal products.

    This is also a smoke-less option for those with sensitivities. The Oracle Candle is unscented and no smoke clearing items are included as mystery gifts.

    You will receive an Oracle Candle of your choice at with your subscription.  Ritual toolkits will be available for the New Moon in it's corresponding astrological sign.  With this option you will receive a small mystery item in the mail each month and electronic content sent to you for the New Moon. 

    Please Specify your Oracle Candle choice at the time of purchase.

    Options include:

    • Angels and Ancestors
    • Blessings of Boundaries
    • Infinitely Worthy
    • Forgiveness and Compassion
    • With Intention
    • Divine Feminine Wisdom
    • Cosmic Love
    • Heart Opening