Cosmically inspired, hand-crafted items to support the soul and encourage simple seasonal and lunar rituals.


Each Moon cycle you will receive:

  • Star+Flower Oracle Candle (Unscented w/pocket stone)

  • Star+Flower Incense 

  • Divine Mystery Item

  • New moon astro weather forecast and ritual prompts

  • Membership in a Shared Ritual private FB Group with Seasonal Subscription

Essentials Ritual Kit- Seasonal Subscription (Spring)

  • This 2 Moon ( Taurus, Gemini) subscription is available for the remainder of the Spring Season. This pro-rated seasonal option Taurus, Gemini), will supply you with lovingly curated items and inspirations for sacred, seasonal and lunar rituals! The subscription gives you access to a private Nature, Cosmos and Ceremony Facebook group where we can connect and support each other in this beautiful unfolding of the season, with cosmic weather forecasts, ritual prompts and ideas to work with the corresponding planetary energies.  

    Your ritual toolkits will be available for the New Moon in it's corresponding astrological sign.  You may be able to pick up your kit earlier or request early shipping, however advance availability is not always an option and may vary.