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These unique and intentional candles are hand-poured with unscented soy wax. Each vessel is infused with crystal and botanical wisdom gleaned from prayerful, intuitive and divinatory practices. They are highly supportive of ritual and intention setting.


Your personal prayers and wishes are amplified by the element of fire and signal to The Universe a quest for illumination. You may consider clarifying your wishes before and while burning your oracle candle. 


Remove the larger stones and botanicals before or after first burn to carry with you or place near the candle or in a sacred space.


These unscented candles burn for 40 plus hours.

Blessing the Way Oracle Candle

  • This candle was inspired by a collection of candles I created for a special Blessing Way for a new mother and child before the birth.  Each participant in the Blessing Way Ceremony received a Candle of different colored stones and botanicals and mama and baby received a candle with a little bit of everyone's candle colors for a sacred rainbow.  Since the creation of this ceremonial candle, it has been used for more births and many other life transitions. It is a wonderful ritual candle for beginning and experiencing any kind of life transformation and initiatory experience.


    Adornments: The adornments on this candle are shifting blend of rainbow crystals and botanicals including (but not limited too) Mookaite, Carnelian, Peridot, Blue Lace agate, Amethyst and Rose Quartz with Tulsi, Hibiscus, Frankincense and Centaurea.

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