The intention of this journaling workbook is to create a container for your own astrological observations. A tool for beginners and studied astrologers alike. While it is important to study technical astrology from gifted teachers and texts, it is through our lived experience that we begin to embody the energy of the signs and planets in our own life. Our mind-body-spirit-soul is its own unique universe, and we feel, sense and experience the effects of planetary movement internally and externally. We are an essential part of our own research as living cosmic data collectors.

This journal is a collaboration between three artists, attuned to astrological awareness and who are ever so grateful for the relationship with the living intelligence of heaven and earth. We were called to create this workbook as a vessel for personal, ritual, and observational learning to record the sacred relationship with life through the lens of astrology. 

The print on the front is from a block carving created by Chemical Marriage while the astrology information inside is from Star Flower Sacred Services. The journal itself was created by ReImagined by Luna. It was created from reclaimed leather, and the text block is recycled, acid-free white paper that is bound using a variation of long-stitch. It will lay flay when in use and closes securely with a magnetic closure that is underneath the patch. The paper is 76 lb and can take a variety of mediums in case you want to add sketches to it. The first page is an invitation to draw your own natal chart with directions on how to do so. It is to help you connect with your own unique chart. The last two pages have a cheat sheet of words describing both the planets and the signs. The pages in between are blank and ready for your notes, journal entries, observations, dreams, questions, etc. Each journal comes with an additional sheet describing our intention in creating them and also ideas and prompts for how to use the journal. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy your astro adventure!

Star Flower Sacred Services:
The Chemical Marriage:
Re-Imagined by Luna:

Hand- Crafted Astrology Journal

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